Udim Isang PT, DPT

Udim Isang PT, DPT

Dr. Udim Isang practices at the Springfield FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center – Metropolitan ENT. Dr. Isang was intrigued by their unique name and share and value their holistic, whole-body approach to improving quality of life. Dr. Isang has experience working in acute care, inpatient skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, and home health. The population served includes the neurological, orthopedic, spinal cord injury (SCI), amputee, geriatric, and general medicine.

Dr. Isang found her niche with the neurological population. She is continually inspired after witnessing her father suffer from multiple CVA’s and became fascinated with the human brain during that time. She believes that this profession combines her fascination with the human body and her life-long desire to help others.

In her free time, Udim is involved in several community efforts for underserved populations. She volunteers with the Ibesikpo Asutan Association by planning and participating in medical missions to Uyo, Nigeria. In addition, she volunteers with the One Umbrella Association to serve the homeless population in the Washington Metropolitan area and participates in community 5k run/walks to raise awareness with the Brain Injury Association and the Amputee Coalition.

Dr. Isang believes that Physical Therapists do more than tackle the physical deficits but are truly able to aid in total body rehabilitation (mental, physical, and spiritual).

Dr. Isang has attained numerous professional certifications over the course of her career: Tai Chi Instructor (TCI), Certified Stroke Rehabilitation specialist (CSRS), and Certified Clinical Instructor (CCI). Dr. Isang is currently pursuing her board certification as a Neurological Certified Specialist (NCS).

Udim holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Howard University.

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