Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center Alexandria, VA

Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center

Metropolitan ENT is proud to inform you of an important addition to our services. In mid-September we will open a Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center. This will be a state of the art dizziness and fall prevention clinic. Conveniently located in Alexandria, just 5 minutes from our office.

People with vestibular-inner-ear-disorders often experience problems with balance or movement-related dizziness. These symptoms affect a person’s ability to change positions (such as lying down and getting up from a chair) or move without imbalance and vertigo. Loss of balance can be debilitating and contribute to a diminished quality of life.

We will specialize in:

  • Balance Programs
  • Fall Prevention for seniors
  • Gait Training for Movement Disorders (MS, Parkinson’s disease)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation therapy (VRT)

Please call Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center to make an appointment or for more information at 703-884-8490

Office Address, Office hours and Directions

6408 Grovedale Drive
Suite 102
Alexandria, VA 22310
Phone: 703-884-8490
FAX: (571) 347-7694
Office Hours: Monday -Friday 9 am - 5 pm

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