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Physical Therapy in Alexandria, VA

Metropolitan ENT is proud to inform you of an important addition to our services. Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center is now open. The state of the art dizziness and fall prevention clinic conveniently located in Alexandria, just 5 minutes from our office.

People with vestibular-inner-ear-disorders often experience problems with balance or movement-related dizziness. These symptoms affect a person’s ability to change positions (such as lying down and getting up from a chair) or move without imbalance and vertigo. Loss of balance can be debilitating and contribute to a diminished quality of life.

We will specialize in:

  • Balance Programs
  • Fall Prevention for seniors
  • Gait Training for Movement Disorders (MS, Parkinson’s disease)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation therapy (VRT)

Please call Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center to make an appointment or for more information at 703-884-8490

Our Physical Therapists

Office Address, Office hours and Directions

6408 Grovedale Drive
Suite 102
Alexandria, VA 22310
Phone: 703-884-8490
FAX: (571) 347-7694
Office Hours: Monday -Friday 9 am – 5 pm
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