ENT Clinic in Alexandria, VA

The providers at Metropolitan ENT provide specialized care for patients at our ent clinic in Alexandria, VA. We provide care to a wide range of ear, nose and throat conditions.

Our clinic uses the most advanced technology to provide patients with accurate and precise diagnoses and treatment, our experts are skilled and experience in providing the highest quality of care in Alexandria and surrounding areas.

We also provide care for sleep disorders, allergy conditions, physical therapy and a med spa! Please contact our office at (703) 313-7700 to learn more about the wide variety of conditions  that we treat!

Monday: 9AM – 6PM                                                                      Tuesday: 9AM – 6PM                                                                 Wednesday: 9AM -5PM                                                                       Thursday: 9AM – 5PM                                                                        Friday: 9AM -4PM               

Metropolitan ENT