Immunologist in Alexandria, VA

Introducing Metropolitan IMMUNE!

Dr. Abidin & Dr. Oral Alpan of Amerimmune have been diagnosing and treating autoimmune dysfunction in patients in the area for decades.

Dr. Abidin himself is now able to provide in-depth immune testing alongside Amerimmune at his own state of-the-art Immunology Diagnostic laboratory and clinic.

Why Autoimmune testing?

We now are able to clarify if your history of infections is related to a dysfunctioning immune system. This test will identify if you have an immune disorder (either under-performing, leaving you prone to infection, or over-achieving, resulting in inflammatory conditions) that may be an underlying cause of your health issues. There may be a need to continue to monitor your immune status over time. The results will add valuable information for your doctor to target treatment and manage your care. The testing uses a process called flow cytometry to identify and evaluate the quantity and quality of your immune cells.*

* Uncover risks and weaknesses exposed by the pandemic. Identify hidden immune disease by combining complete immune testing with expert interpretation and recommendations.*

Who BENEFITS from immune screening?*

* Every patient with:

  • A high risk profile for SARS-CoV2 complications
  • Chronic or recurrent infections
  • Severe, life-threatening infections
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Immune suppressive therapy
  • Eosinophilic disorders
  • Threat of food anaphylaxis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease



Dr. Michael R. Abidin

Michael R. Abidin, MD


Michael R. Abidin, MD is Board Certified in Otolaryngology, the medical specialty concerned with the ear, nose, and throat. Dr. Abidin received his education at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and completed his head and neck surgical training at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Abidin has expertise in the treatment of Sinus Disease and in Facial Plastic Surgery.

Akimyo Russell, Family Nurse Practitioner


Akimyo Russell is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in the care of allergic disorders and primary immunodeficiencies at Metroimmune located within Metropolitan ENT. She is board-certified by the American Academy of Nurse Credentialing Center and licensed by the state of Virginia and Maryland to provide healthcare to patients of all ages.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from North Carolina Central University in 2001 and received her Master’s Degree from Marymount University as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2006. She is passionate about wellness and promotes living well physically and mentally when delivering care to her patients.  

She is a certified Functional Medicine provider as well as a Whole Health Coach and strongly believes in taking care of the whole person, allowing her to effectively partner with her clients to help them to reach their goals. She has extensive experience in complex allergic and immunologic disorders, medical weight loss, Neurology with a concentration in Multiple Sclerosis, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Primary Care, and has served as the Medical Director of the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center.  Her true desire is to get to the root of her patients medical conditions and help them to reach their goals of being well.

In her spare time she enjoys, fishing, gardening, traveling, skiing and spending time with her husband and 3 children.

Practitioners requesting immunology testing with consultation for their patients are welcome to send their patient’s samples to the our lab via:

Office Address

6355 Walker Lane, Suite 308

Alexandria, VA 22310

(703) 313-7700 Scheduling

(703) 884-8494 Clinic

(703) 737-6001 ext:6224 Billing

(703) 313-6718 Fax

Lab Processing and Billing address:

8260 Greensboro Drive

Suite A-30 (lab)

McLean, VA 22102

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