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Introducing Metropolitan IMMUNE!

Dr. Abidin & Dr. Oral Alpan of Amerimmune have been diagnosing and treating autoimmune dysfunction in patients in the area for decades.

Dr. Abidin himself is now able to provide in-depth immune testing alongside Amerimmune at his own state of-the-art Immunology Diagnostic laboratory and clinic.

Why Autoimmune testing?

We now are able to clarify if your history of infections is related to a dysfunctioning immune system. This test will identify if you have an immune disorder (either under-performing, leaving you prone to infection, or over-achieving, resulting in inflammatory conditions) that may be an underlying cause of your health issues. There may be a need to continue to monitor your immune status over time. The results will add valuable information for your doctor to target treatment and manage your care. The testing uses a process called flow cytometry to identify and evaluate the quantity and quality of your immune cells.*

* Uncover risks and weaknesses exposed by the pandemic. Identify hidden immune disease by combining complete immune testing with expert interpretation and recommendations.*

Who BENEFITS from immune screening?*

* Every patient with:

  • A high risk profile for SARS-CoV2 complications
  • Chronic or recurrent infections
  • Severe, life-threatening infections
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Immune suppressive therapy
  • Eosinophilic disorders
  • Threat of food anaphylaxis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease




Dr. Michael R. Abidin

Akimyo Russel, FNP-BC - Immunology Nurse Practitioner

Telemed Waiting Room

Practitioners requesting immunology testing with consultation for their patients are welcome to send their patient’s samples to the our lab via:

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