Penicillin Allergy Testing in Alexandria, VA

Penicillin allergy testing is available at Metropolitan ENT. Penicillin allergy is a major problem, resulting in millions of patients being denied penicillin treatment and unable to take a large number of antibiotics related to penicillin.

As a result, patients often have to take stronger, broader spectrum antibiotics, with more potential adverse effects. Additionally, the use of the broader spectrum antibiotics leads to increased resistance, meaning that when they are needed for future infections, they may not work. Resistance to antibiotics in our communities is a growing problem, so the ability to use penicillin antibiotics remains important.

Fortunately, most patients with a history of possible reactions to penicillin can safely take them because many patients are not truly allergic when skin tested, and many patients who were truly allergic as a child will out-grow the allergy as they age.

It’s important to get tested so you will know for sure. Penicillin is a safe, effective treatment option that is much less expensive than alternative antibiotics. Call our office today to schedule your testing appointment at (703) 313-7700.

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