Bilateral Myringotomy in Alexandria, VA

Where is the surgery?

Children will have the surgery performed at the hospital while adults can have it performed in the office.

What kind of anesthesia will be used?

Typically, general anesthesia will be used in the hospital.

Do I have to keep water out of the ears?

Yes, for several weeks. After surgery, use a cotton ball with vaseline on the outside.

Will my ear still drain?

Yes. In the first few weeks after surgery, but this will gradually decrease.

Will I bleed?

None to minimal. If more than this, please contact the physician.

Do I have to have surgery again to have the tubes removed?

Usually the tubes will fall out anywhere from several months to a year. Adults can have the tubes removed in the office if necessary. In children if the tubes are causing problems, they can be removed in the office or hospital setting.

Will the tube leave a hole in the eardrum?

The area will heal and only in infrequent cases will the hole need to be patched up.

Post Operative Instructions

Three ear drops to affected ear three times a day. Typically this is necessary for a week to ten days. The surgeon will provide you with a prescription for the appropriate drops.

1-2 visits is typical for follow up care over the following month.

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