Nasal Spray

Nose spray is generally prescribed for troubles of allergies and/or infections of your nose and sinuses. Over time, it became obvious that the way the spray was taken could make a big difference on how well it worked. Not only technique, but faithfully taking the spray every day as usually prescribed is important in the long term for nasal problems.

Step 1

Gently place the spray nozzle in right nostril, in the lower part of the nose. Why? Harsh shoving of the nozzle can cause sores on the midline septum that can bleed. The lower nose is roomier.

Step 2

Point spray nozzle toward the right eye using the right hand to hold the sprayer. Why? Most of the trouble in the nose/sinuses is on the sides of the nose. The center of the nose is mostly bone and cartilage. Most sprays will go down the throat if the nozzle is not tilted towards the side. The right hand works best on the right nostril, less burning and stinging occurs on the sides rather than the midline septum.

Step 3

Back out a little bit, staying within the nostril. Why? You don’t put the nozzle of a window cleaner right on the glass – it drips and does not cover a large area. It is the same with these sprays. Also, this avoids damaging the delicate tissue.

Step 4

Spray 2 times in the right nostril. (2 full sprays) DON’T SNIFF YET!! Why? Sniffing now, with your head not flat towards the ground will encourage the spray to go down the throat.

Step 5

Immediately tilt the head towards your right shoulder so that it is flat towards the ground, as if placing the head on a table. Sniff only when head is flat, just enough to keep the liquid from running our of the front of the nose and not enough sniffing to pull the liquid down the throat. You may slightly tilt the nose and chin up to keep the liquid from running out of the nose. Why? Years of using these sprays have shown that the liquid spray will run out of the front of the nose or go down the throat if this tilting of the head is not done. The medicine needs to be in the nose – not on a tissue or down the throat!

Step 6

Keep the head flat for 15 – 30 seconds! Why? It takes about that amount of time for the liquid to be absorbed.

Step 7

Repeat steps 1 – 6 on the left side but use the left hand and point towards the left eye and tilt the head to the left shoulder.

Do steps 1 – 7 for a total of 2 times a day for 2 months, then one time a day as directed. You will be very pleased with the results if you closely follow these steps.

Metropolitan ENT