Tonsillectomy in Alexandria, VA

Should I expect bleeding?

Before leaving the hospital the bleeding will be controlled, however, if bleeding persists, contact our office.

When can I start eating solid food?

Usually after one week. If there is extreme difficulty in swallowing or is very painful after two weeks, please follow up with the physician.

How long should I take off of work or school?

Typically one week should be sufficient.

Will I need to take antibiotics after surgery?

Yes, they will be given to you after surgery.

Will I have to stay in the hospital?

Yes, a 23 hour stay is required for children and adults.

Will my voice change?

While there is swelling, voice changes may occur but will return to normal.

Post Operative Instructions

The post operative course for adult Tonsillectomy and Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) is in stages:


Please do not eat or drink anything red for one week.

Day one and two: The pain is not usually severe at this point. By continuing to drink and take pain medicine around the clock, minimal discomfort is felt. There is no need to eat solid food for a week or so.

Day three: If no bowel movement by this day, take milk of magnesia or something similar until you have a bowel movement. Please do not think that if you have not eaten anything then it’s OK that you have not gone to the bathroom. This is important because if there is constipation, unnecessary pressure can cause bleeding of tonsils.

Expect some pain in the ears a few days after surgery.

Day four or five: Continue taking the pain medication. DO NOT STOP. If you do, you may feel as though your throat is swelling.

You will continue to have problems swallowing at times for a few more weeks.

Please call our office if there are any problems. If after hours, you will have an option to leave a message for the physician on call. The call will be returned within 15 minutes.

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