Turbinectomy in Alexandria, VA

How much bleeding should I expect?

You will have some bleeding after surgery for the first day or two due to the fact that your nose will not be packed.

What if my nose continues to bleed?

Dampen a cotton ball with Afrin Original Spray and place in the nose. If bleeding persists for more than 1/2 hour, please contact the physician.

How much pain should I expect?

Little to no pain however, there will be congestion.

Do I have to call my insurance to pre-certify?

No. The office staff will take care of the pre-authorizations, however, the patient is responsible for any referrals.

Post Operative Instructions

  • The post-operative care for turbinate surgery is simple, but extremely important.
  • START THE FIRST DAY. Liberal use of Ocean Spray (salt water) is vital. You should buy it at once in the store, then refill with salt solution. Irrigate your nose as well. (One tablespoon of salt to one quart of water.)
  • Use Afrin Original Spray in each nostril 3x day for five days.
  • If bleeding persists, call the office. The best treatment for this is a cotton ball with Afrin Original (oxymetazoline) placed in the nose.
  • Start antibiotics the next day. Avoid aspirin for pain.
  • Do not blow your nose. If you sneeze keep your mouth open.

Expect nasal congestion and stuffiness for about two weeks. Also expect some pain on upper/lower jaw, teeth, ears, and neck.

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